Help and FAQs

1. What is a Hotlink?

A Hotlink is a link through to a website that is relevant to your book or software product. We try to make sure that these weblinks are always live and are suitable for your use. Sometimes hotlinks are not available, because the website they link to is having problems. When this happens, we try to replace it as soon as possible.

2. I've found a broken Hotlink.

If you click a Hotlink that no longer works or directs to an unexpected page please let us know by using the report link next to the hotlink. We will attempt to remove it if it is no longer acceptable or replace it with the correct address.

3. A Hotlink I used to use is now missing!

The purpose of Hotlinks is to provide you with the most up to date and accurate list of web links. If one of the website pages linked to goes offline, is redirected or removed then we will no longer link to it. If you wish to make sure you always have access to a certain webpage then whilst you are on that page simply "add it to your favourites/add as a bookmark". That way if we remove it you will still be able to access it should the need arise. But please bear in mind that if we've removed it there's a probably a good reason.

4. The Express Code in the book does not work.

Please check you are entering it carefully, e.g. 0 (zero) instead of o. If it does not work, then try searching for the product using the ISBN or title.

5. I’ve found an unsuitable/inappropriate Hotlink.

If you find a Hotlink that takes you to an unsuitable or inappropriate website, please use the report link next to the offending Hotlink. We make every attempt to ensure that all hotlinks are appropriate, but cannot be responsible for the content of external websites. However, we will remove any inappropriate links as soon as you inform us.

6. My title search returns 0 results.
If a title search returns no results, try one of the following :
AND: A space between words e.g ocr pe matches all titles with OCR AND PE in the title
EXACT: Use double quotes to match exact phrases e.g. "Heinemann Psychology"
WILDCARD: Using * within quotes e.g "wor*" matches word, world, workstation
About Hotlinks:

This site will help you to find websites that are relevant to your book or software product. If for some reason one of the websites stops working, we will provide a replacement as quickly as we can.
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